Welcome to the official staff blog for Renta! The digital-manga store that specializes in professionally translated romance manga such as shoujo, love manga (shoujo for adults!), yaoi (BL), Harlequin romance manga, and more recently even Seinen titles!

Renta! is not a print publisher, but we are an online bookstore for digital manga straight from Japan with a team of editors and translators that will knock your socks off with official licensed translations of contemporary manga.

We love what we do and hope to bring you even more great content, so please stop by our homepage www.ebookrenta.com every Tuesday and Friday for new ongoing series and full volume releases of the hottest manga from Japan, and every Wednesday for news on weekly sales and campaigns!Rentaスタッフ

This blog is updated regularly by actual Renta! staff here in the Tokyo office. If you love reading manga in Japanese and want to check out the original, you can find almost anything you could possibly want over at the Japanese Renta! which has been around for over 20 years!

How and when it became a haven for lovers of yaoi is another story. Maybe I’ll write a blog about it someday :3