It might just be me, but I feel like recently BL series are getting anime adaptations more than they used to. Not just BL series in fact, but bishounen series in general have been getting more love, with a lot of reverse harems and male idol shows popping up as well (*´Д`)θ~♪~

Although I tend to prefer watching cute girls doing cute things, I think it’s great to see more balance in anime, and more series aimed at female viewers being released!

One such series that was recently brought to my attention was Given, a BL manga about four guys in a band, which has an anime adaptation airing this July.

Here’s hoping the anime is as well received as the manga! I’ll certainly be giving it a watch.

Quite a few fujoshi I’ve spoken to over here in Japan seem to be really excited for it, so I’d highly recommend checking it out next season (it airs on July 12th) ( ´∀`)b


Music in anime and manga has long been a thing, from classics like Nana and Beck, to K-On!, and the recent Carole & Tuesday, which has been making waves online. Idol series have been thriving as well, for example Ensemble Stars! and IDOLiSH7 being a couple of the ones that seem to be getting a lot of attention recently.

Of course, with the copious amount of music themed manga and anime about, we’ve got you covered here at Renta! as well! So here are a couple of my recommendations (´▽`)

Title: I’m a Pop Star, Now Expose Me!
Author: Hokke Shima
Adult content: Yes
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Yukinari is searching for the scoop of his life, working as a paparazzo, but no good stories seem to be coming his way. That is, until he bumps into his old high school friend and idol super star, Subaru Nagare. Although Subaru’s been completely free of scandals for his whole career, one night of hot passion between the two old friends looks to change all of that in an instant. That is, if Yukinari publishes the story…

Although I’m not a big fan of voyeuristic stuff normally, there’s just a hint of it in this, and it gives me a bit of a thrill (*´Д`)=3 Subaru is an interesting character, as he has a lot of different sides to his personality. On stage, he’s a beautiful, brazen star, when he’s with Yukinari he’s sweet and fragile looking, and during the smut scenes he’s an absolute animal! It’s also really cute watching Yukinari trying to decide whether to expose Subaru and get his big story, or whether to protect him and keep him for himself!

Title: My Fickle Jaguar
Author: Unohana
Adult content: Yes
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Sojun Shiina used to be immensely famous in the Japanese music scene, as part of the band “Peg”. But in recent years he’s just been drifting around from place to place, doing whatever he feels like with no real sense of direction. Occasionally he’ll go back to his partner Arata’s house, so that he can ‘recharge’. While Arata really wishes Sojun was around more often, it’s hard to keep this fickle jaguar pinned down!

I really liked the character development in this series, and both Arata and Sojun feel like they could very much be real people. They’re both complex and flawed individuals, who’re trying to make their somewhat janky relationship work as best they can. This is not a smut-fest, but more of a slow-burner, with a really well put-together story.

Are you in the mood to pick up guitar!? ‘Cus I sure am! Maybe when I have more time anyway… (’  ̄3 ̄) ~

Until next time~! ヴァ───ヾ(´ー`)ノ───イ