Let’s get right into the new stuff for this Friday. Hope you’re excited!


Title: The Red String of Fate
Author: Akira Yoshio

All his life, Keiji has had the ability to see the red strings of fate that connect two people together. When two people have connected strings, they are destined to be together, and couples that don’t have the strings are unfortunately not fated to last. Keiji has been waiting for his own string, hoping it will be on his crush, Yui, and one day it finally appears. But the target is not Yui but another guy, Hiroki! Keiji tries to avoid Hiroki as much as possible, but how can he run away from fate?

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Title: I Can’t Help But Love Him. [VertiComix] (Chapters 1 & 2)
Author: Yoko Ito

From Yoko Ito, the same author of the popular series, Allergic to Love comes another hit series, now in easily-digestible, full-color, scrolling VertiComix form! Sako is your everyday office worker with one catch. She really really really likes suits. Sako, along with everyone else in the office, loves to stare at the handsome office hotshot Eiji, but unlike everyone else, Sako doesn’t care about his appearance… she just loves looking at his suit. Being the one woman that doesn’t blindly love him, Eiji has a few questions of his own…

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Title: What the Prince Wants
Author: Haruhi Sakura/Jules Bennett

Darcy has been trying to run her grandmother’s day-care service, but now she has lost everything and her family business is on the verge of bankruptcy. That’s when she gets a call from a man who claims he will pay an exorbitant salary to be a nanny for his daughter. Darcy answers the call, and the man, Colin, immediately turns her down for being so young. However, when he sees how quickly she can calm down his young daughter, he is instantly impressed. But Colin has a secret of his own: he’s actually the prince of a kingdom in the Mediterranean!

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Title: The Duchess Of Rosia -A Contract Marriage? How Did This Happen?- (Chapter 15)
Author: Kazura Kinosaki/Tsuredurebana

Viola is the daughter of an earl in a poor, famine-stricken kingdom. Her quiet life is suddenly thrown into disarray when she gets an offer of marriage from the rich and handsome Duke of Rosia, Cersis. He explains that his family will not allow him to marry his girlfriend, so he would like to wed Viola in name and law only. In exchange, Viola and her family will have all the freedom and comfort they can desire… but now that she’s married, what exactly is she supposed to do!?


Title: No Release Until Ecstacy is Achieved
Author: Wani Kurokoda

Ai and Liliya, the characters from Wani Kurokoda’s previous manga, True Love That Starts with a Lie awake in a mysterious room with no memory of how they got there. They can only leave the room when they carry out all the instructions left for them. As you can expect, the instructions continue to get more and more dirty/fun (depending on your perspective). Will this be a chance for Ai to get as perverted as she wants with the innocent Liliya?

Title: Patterns of Yuri at the Girls’ School (Chapter 2)
Author: Mira

Hikari and Maho have been friends since they were kids, but Hikari can’t get over her crush on Maho. However, Hikari can’t help but feel betrayed when Maho admits that she has feelings for another girl. Hikari tries to hide her feelings, but it seems she’s caught the attention of Ai, who has no intention of sitting around and waiting for what (or who) she wants…