Although not a very well known video game series in the west, the Atelier series has been making waves online recently, with the announcement of their new game Atelier Ryza, and more importantly the main character Reisalin Stout, owner of thighs thicker than a shake left in the freezer overnight.

How the heck does she put her shorts on in the morning!? They’ve gotta have some serious stretch in them.

Although the Atelier series is normally known for it’s super cute art and characters, thicc thighs will always go down well on the internet. I have to say that they’ve lured me in as well (*´Д`)

This is how I want to go.

One thing that I do think is a little sad about the way the games are advertised though, is that they aren’t making use of the pretty, pretty boys that fight alongside the cute girls.

I think they’re pretty anyway… (Psst… Google “Sterkenburg Cranach”)

Oh well, more cute girls for me I guess (*ノ´∀`)ノ

One of the things I really like to see in our manga here at Renta! is these kind of fantasy settings, which sadly don’t get a lot of love in TL/BL series. They do tend to be a bit more common in shojo manga however, and so I’d like to introduce one that I’ve been enjoying recently!

Title: This Mage Desires Mediocrity
Author: Hiromi Taihei
Story: Ren Hirose
Adult Content: No
Link to store

Swept from our world into a world of magic, Mizuki is set on living her life by her own rules, and has settled into her new life in a quite country village quite nicely. Unfortunately her absurdly strong magic has been drawing attention from all the wrong sorts, and now knights have come from the capital requesting that she go with them to meet the prince! This is not turning out to be the kind of life she had in mind.

Mizuki really stands out as a girl who doesn’t take crap from anybody. Watching her take down arrogant nobles and the like is very satisfying, and there’s some video-game-like aspects to the fantasy world that make it really interesting. To top it all off there’s a constant flow of silly, comedy moments that will keep you laughing throughout each chapter! ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

What kind of settings do you guys like? As always we’d love to hear your thoughts~

Until next time~! ヴァ───ヾ(´ー`)ノ───イ