Hey everyone! Here are the new releases for this Tuesday.


Title: I Need You Too, Maybe
Author: Tsutako Tsurusawa

Shion has always been quiet and never trusted other people. He’s been bullied since elementary school, and the only person who’s ever stuck up for him has been his lifelong friend Leo. But Leo has ulterior motives of his own: he just likes to look at Shion’s flaccid member! Now that they are university students living together, Shion still has trouble talking to people, but he wants to progress his relationship with Leo further. But for Leo to see Shion as more than a friend it might be a little bit hard.

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Title: Our New Life Together
Author: Hana Aoi

Koyuki is starting her new job this spring, but her boyfriend Tono still has another year left of school. Tono suggests that they kill two birds with one stone and move in together, but because Koyuki wants to save money on rent, she waits to move in until the last minute. But, she’s quickly learning that living with your partner isn’t always so easy! Will their relationship make it out alive? This short story collection also includes a story about an office worker trying to become beautiful, a couple in the midst of a fight, and a tutor who is asked out by her student.

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Title: Bride on Demand
Author: Keiko Okamoto/Kay Thorpe

Seven years ago, Regan was able to get the CEO of the company she was working at, Liam, to fall in love with her. However, after being in a relationship for months, Liam told her he was getting married to someone “more befitting of his status.” Regan vowed never to see him again, but now after a chance meeting, Liam can’t stop himself from making a move on Regan. But Regan has a secret of her own that she could never tell Liam…


Title: Monthly: Editor-in-Chief Aikawa (Chapter 16)
Author: Takeshi Ohmi

Ms. Aikawa has been a star magazine editor for her entire career, and now she has moved up the ranks and been transferred to become editor-in-chief at a publishing company! The only thing is that it’s her first time working as an… adult magazine editor. She’s never dealt with this kind of office before! One of her co-workers, Keisuke comes to check up on her after hours, and finds that although she tries to be professional during the day, she has a few fantasies of her own…

Title: The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior (Chapter 8)
Author: Miyahara Ruri

Usa (pronounced oo-sa, not like the country) is about to move into a new place for high school, but on the way to his new (actually very old) apartment, he runs into a weirdo peeking into a public school. After dealing with the police and making sure he gets taken in for questioning, he gets to his apartment and is shocked to find that same guy just happens to be his new roommate! Usa can’t live under these conditions, but just as he is on his way out forever, he finds Ritsu, the girl of his dreams, standing at his front door…!


Title: A Timid Woman Longing For Her Delivery Girl (Chapter 1)
Author: Haiji Sanada

Rei has finally found a freelance job working at home so she can avoid all the hassle of dealing with other people. After one too many bad experiences, she’s tried to close herself off from the outside world as much as possible. But, the new driver who delivers her packages, Rinko, is so cheerful every week. She even writes a cute little newsletter about her life! Rei can’t help but start looking forward to the days when Rinko will be arriving…


Title: Loving You! (Chapter 8)
Author: Noll Shikisima

For two years, Aio has asked her boss, Yuri, out like clockwork at the start of every season. Yuri always refuses on principle, but he never seems annoyed by the idea. He’s not exactly the most romantic or traditionally attractive kind of guy, so mostly he’s just confused why Aio would show so much interest in him. But his frugality and his practicality just make Aio want him more! Maybe someday he’ll fall for her charms, but until then Aio will just keep silently hoping.

Title: Half-a-Million-Dollar Bride
Author: Kaiji Umeda

Akane lost her parents when she was young and grew up with her aunt and uncle, who were not happy with the arrangement. Now that she’s 25, she’s always wanted to find a partner and give the happiness to her children that she could never have. She thought she found the perfect man… but it turns out he was already married… and with three kids! Akane is forced to provide compensation to the couple, but a mysterious man takes care of it while claiming to be her husband… just what will become of her?