For some people, you can’t have love without marriage. However, at Renta! we know that reality doesn’t always work the way it does in the movies. That’s why this week we’re offering a sale on couples who are together for other reasons, be it convenience, money, or even something… more sinister… mwahahaha. Ahem.

Anyway, these love and romance manga are only on sale until June 26th. Make sure to check them out so that you end up happier than these couples! Here’s the linky link: Some stories are up to 62% off! Now that’s a deal you don’t need to love to get hitched to.

Here are a couple stories that I would recommend to get you started:

Title: I Can’t Fall in Love with My Husband!
Author: Akira Fujiwara

Akane has always had problems with hanging on to men. The reason: she’s just too active in the bedroom. Her insatiable sex drive has just driven away yet another man. As she’s drinking away her problems at a local bar, she runs into her boss, the award-winning (and amazingly handsome) CEO, Takuya, who just got dumped by another girl for the same problem! One thing leads to another, and after just one amazing night, he asks her to marry him! She accepts, but can they really make their loveless relationship work based on chemistry alone?

Title: I’m Going to Have My Way with You
Author: Haiji Sanada

Yuki’s family has run a Japanese sweets shop for generations, but it is in danger of closing soon. In order to save the shop, Yuki ends up going on a date with the wealthy heir of a successful business, Ryo. She’s nervous at first since he’s eight years older than her, but their first date seems to be going well. He’s attractive and seems to be kind. That is, until a switch seems to go off in his brain and he forces her into a hotel room with him! Now he just wants to have his way with her! For him, he can’t marry a woman unless he knows how they match in bed first! Will Yuki bite the bullet for her shop?

Remember, these deals are only going on until June 26th (Japan time), so be sure to engage yourself before then!