Title: My Complex Soulmate
Author: Yu Yuzuki

Update: It’s out! Check it out here: https://www.ebookrenta.com/renta/sc/frm/item/140416/

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying your pre-weekend (or preekend). Today I’d like to spotlight a manga that’s super cute and wholesome but also makes you think a little bit. It’s called My Complex Soulmate (運命の相手がややこしい Unmei no Aite ga Yayakoshii) and it tackles a lot of things about gender and what love actually means. It’s a super interesting read and I’m totally hooked… and best of all, it will be releasing on Renta! tomorrow morning Japan time. You can check out the New Releases page to find it once it drops.

So here’s the story. Our protagonist, Hiroto, is a 32-year-old typical office employee who’s just broken up with his long-term girlfriend. Fearing that he doesn’t understand how people actually think, he signs up for a dating service that matches people based on data rather than physical compatibility.

Sooner than he thought, he gets an urgent call from the dating company saying they found a perfect match for him: meet Hibiki Arai, who’s a 21-year-old part-timer. She’s cute, but could it really work out? I mean, she’s over 10 years younger than him! What could they have in common!? Well, turns out, when the dating company CEO shows them their data, they have a 200% match. In other words: they’re basically soulmates!

At first, things are kind of awkward between them, but they quickly hit it off, and at the end of the night, they are enjoying each other’s company. But, maybe they’ve had one too many drinks, because Hibiki suggests they head to a hotel right then and there. After all, they’re supposedly soulmates, right?

Even though their bodies are also a good match, Hiroto wakes up to find that Hibiki has already left, and he didn’t even get her number or anything. Eventually, he gets another call from the dating agency to schedule an emergency meeting… but there’s also another dude there too. And, he knows that Hiroto had a one-night stand!? What’s the ethics policy at this company like anyway?

So, here’s the big bombshell: Hibiki is actually sometimes a guy! Every few weeks on a biological cycle, he has a rare condition where she shifts back and forth. Sounds fun, right? Well, actually, probably not. Hibiki doesn’t seem to think so, anyway. Falling in love with someone isn’t exactly easy when you’re not always the same gender, after all. But Hiroto and Hibiki did spend the night together… what will happen to these soulmates?

Personally, I love any kind of sci-fi content or speculative fiction, so this manga is right up my alley. Unlike some gender transformation stories where the character is suddenly just like, “I’m a girl now wtf okay whatever lol let’s bang,” My Complex Soulmate actually deals with, well, complex issues and the ramifications of what could really happen if this kind of condition did exist. If you’re interested in seeing what happens with Hiroto and Hibiki’s complicated relationship, check out My Complex Relationship when it arrives on Renta! tomorrow!