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Title: That’s Why I’m Saying it’s Fate. (Chapter 1)
Author: Sachi Arai

Yoshito is a wedding planner at a prestigious venue. Recently his company has made a new hire: Masato Niwa, who has been making waves on TV and in the papers as a make-up artist as well as a psychic. But, why would he join a wedding planning company? When Yoshito asks him, he says that his late great-grandfather told him that he would find his soul mate there. How romantic! He then asks Yoshito if he is keeping the promise his second wife made him… but this is the first time Yoshito’s ever met Masato, and his wife has been dead for a long time! Is Masato the real deal?

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Title: Over-Cumming Writer’s Block (Chapter 11)
Author: Awaji Nae

Rio wants to be a great writer, but the sex scene she has to write for her young adult novel… well, in a word, it sucks. There’s no passion, and it might have something to do with the fact that Rio has been so focused on writing all her life that she never had a real sexual encounter of her own. So, she does what any normal person would do and asks a random attractive guy on the street about their sexual history. Okay, maybe Rio is a bit different from normal. But anyway, her target is the workaholic Mr. Fujishima, who seems like he’s never smiled once in his life. What will happen between these two mismatched people?

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Romance (Harlequin)

Title: Expecting the Fellani Heir
Author: Shizuku Katsuragi/Lucy Gordon

Ellie is a high-profile lawyer working on the divorce case between Lionizio, a wealthy Italian businessman, and his wife. However, the case is not going smoothly as a DNA test has proven that Lionizio’s wife is pregnant, and he is not the father. Despondent over the news, he goes back to his hotel. Ellie goes after him, and the two of them realize that they both have similar upbringings and life experiences. They share a night of passion, but two months later, Ellie must go to Italy with some news of her own: she is pregnant and expecting Lionizio’s child!

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Title: The Bittersweet Taste of Love – Bakery and Restaurant- (Chapter 3)
Authors: Asumi Hara/Ririsu

Chika has been in love with her co-worker, Ryoichi, the head chef at a hotel bakery, for as long as she can remember. There’s just one problem. Chika’s sure Ryoichi has a crush on her sister due to the amazing intricacy of the cake topper he made for her wedding. Oh yeah, and also he has no respect for other people and belittles everyone he meets. Darn. But deep down, Chika knows that Ryoichi is a respectful guy, even though she can’t bring herself to tell him how she feels.


Title: The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior (Chapter 7)
Author: Miyahara Ruri

Usa (pronounced oo-sa, not like the country) is about to move into a new place for high school, but on the way to his new (actually very old) apartment, he runs into a weirdo peeking into a public school. After dealing with the police and making sure he gets taken in for questioning, he gets to his apartment and is shocked to find that same guy just happens to be his new roommate! Usa can’t live under these conditions, but just as he is on his way out forever, he finds Ritsu, the girl of his dreams, standing at his front door…!


Title: Want to Sell Me Your Body? (Chapter 7)
Author: Haiji Sanada

Tsukasa lived a carefree and happy life until her mother passed away in a car accident. Soon after, her father turned to gambling and stopped coming home. After living on her own, Tsukasa is hounded by debt collectors. But this one, Reiko, seems different. She will let Tsukasa continue to live her life as normal as long as she “sells her body” to Reiko. But, what does that mean, exactly? Just what has Tsukasa gotten herself into?