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So everyone I know has been talking about nothing but E3 this week, to a point where I feel like I know everything that happened, despite not actually watching a minute of it ( ・_・) Though I’ve promised myself I’ll watch some this weekend!

From Cyberpunk 2077, to Animal Crossing, there’s been a lot of great new titles and information coming out, but one thing that’s been a bit of a topic of conversation here in the office is the new FF7 Remake trailer, with Tifa and Sephiroth’s new designs making an appearance at last! ((´∀`))

There’s been a bit of online debate over Tifa’s new design (read: boobs), but all in all it sounds like people are pretty pleased with how the game is looking. Which is good news for me, as I never actually played the original FF7 (I’m sorry) and am looking forward to being able to experience the story with shiny, shiny HD graphics!

I imagine the dialogue in Final Fantasy 7 is kind of like this.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve played the game though, the characters are so popular that at this point anyone who’s spent any length of time in gaming communities knows them by face, if not by name. As someone who’s into cute girls, I often see Aerith and Tifa talked about, drawn, and cosplayed, even more so now that the remake is coming out.

How am I going to link this all into recommending manga? How indeed. Let’s see… when I think of Aerith, my first thought is flowers, and when I think of Tifa, I think ass whooping (o ̄∇ ̄)=◯)`ν゜)・; So let’s go with those ideas and see what comes up!

Title: Dream Demon -Come Give Me Your Sweet Nectar-
Author: Show Izumi
Genre: TL/Love Manga
Adult Content: Yes
Link to store

I present, cute, sexy florist and crazy demon guy: the manga. The premise is simple, Chisa works at a flower shop, and Kyoya is a kind of lust demon drawn to this world by Chisa’s underlying sexual desires. Man, if I had a penny for every time I summoned sex demons by accident… (;´∀`)

This series is tremendously fast paced, so I’d recommend it for anyone who likes to just get straight to the action. Chisa is pretty cute, and Kyoka is edgy as heck. In a sexy red eyed demon kind of way ψ(`∇´)ψ

Title: To Ninja Love is to Ninja Live
Genre: TL/Love Manga
Adult Content: Yes
Link to store Coming soon!

Sadly, there is a distinct lack of ass whooping in TL manga ヽ( ´ー`)ノ However we do have one title coming out soon that I’d like to recommend (and I’ll be sure to update this post when it’s released)!

This is a story about a ninja, Ayame, who is unnaturally strong, but not great at doing…ninja stuff. Although she’s liked her village’s top ninja, Shoma, since she was a child, he’s always been out of reach for someone like her. But, after learning that Shoma is going to become the next village head and take a wife, she decides to give up on him and devote herself to special “intelligence gathering” training. So imagine her surprise, when Shoma himself turns up to “train” her!

The art for this series is what really got me, as it has a light, soft feeling to it, and is very pleasant to look at (´ω`*) The story itself is great as well and between the humorous moments, feels like it’s actually going somewhere. I’d recommend this is you’re looking for a relaxing read, with an interesting main character!

I hope everyone’s had a great E3 and has found some releases to look forward to in the next year or so! Be sure to let us know if you’ve got any recommendations~

Until next time~! ヴァ───ヾ(´ー`)ノ───イ