Title: Want to Sell Me Your Body?
Author: Haiji Sanada

Let me tell you about a little secret. It’s not very well kept, but… did you know Renta! has yuri manga as well? Recently we have been adding more yuri content, so today I’d like to spotlight this insanely cute and amazing manga, Want to Sell Me Your Body? Not only is the art really vibrant and detailed, the story also will keep you interested and wanting to read more and more. And more and more and more! Basically, it’s really good is what I’m trying to say.

Our story begins with tragedy. The young student Tsukasa loses her mother in a car accident, and soon after that, her father loses his own job and succumbs to the vices of drugs and alcohol. Fast forward three years and now even her father has run away. Even though she has been living by herself for a week now, she still can’t shake the habit of cooking for two. Even so, her life has been pretty lonely and miserable.

She is about to sit down and eat her dinner when she hears a knock on the door. She is shocked to find a beautiful woman on the other side, but not as much as when she hears about the debt that her father racked up: a whopping $30,000! While she’s still reeling from shock, the woman lets herself in and starts helping herself to Tsukasa’s food… and then Tsukasa herself! The strange woman claims to be “evaluating” her for her money-making potential, but just what is going on?

Tsukasa can’t break free from the woman’s strong grip, but luckily she’s saved by another knock at the door. Unfortunately, this is not exactly a friendly face either, or even someone who could possibly pretend to be one. More debt collectors show up, this time demanding $70,000! This really isn’t Tsukasa’s day, huh? They are about to kidnap her, when the lady from earlier slams the collector to the ground and slaps a check for the money in his face.

This woman, who introduces herself as Reiko, makes Tsukasa a counter-offer: if Tsukasa sells her body to Reiko, she can consider her debt taken care of. Wait… sell her body to Reiko? What the heck does that mean? And, why is she talking about “night duty”? Just what will happen to Tsukasa? Reiko seems so nice, but what does she want? What does Reiko get out of sleeping together with Tsukasa in her tiny apartment?

Throughout the course of the series, you can see the relationship between Tsukasa and Reiko blossom, as both of them help the other grow as people through their own trials.

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