Hello! (´∀`)ノシ I’m Kris and I work here at the Renta! office in Tokyo alongside Nate. As an self-proclaimed otaku and fudanshi, I’m going to be writing about anime, manga, games, and hopefully recommend you guys some good series along the way!

Today I want to talk a little bit about fluffy warm stuff that saves you from a bad day, or the overwhelming grief you feel when you break that beautiful figure that you bought at that event and it cost you, like, £100 and…(´;ω;`)ウッ…

In Japan, this kind of stuff is often referred to as, iyashi (癒し), literally “healing”. Personally, I get my “healing” from slice-of-life anime, because cute girls are like sugar, straight to the veins(☆ω☆*)If you’re the kind of person that keeps up with recently airing series, you might have come across Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san (The Helpful Fox Senko-san), a series about a cute fox girl that decides to look after a tired office worker because she’s lovely like that.

Look at that adorable thing. She’s holding bubbles. Why is she holding bubbles? Are they a present? For me? Oh Senko-san, I love them (*´∀`*)

Anyway, I was sat here in the office thinking about her fluffy, fluffy tail (which is important (and I was on break so it’s fine don’t worry(;;´・ω・))), and I thought, “What kind of warm, fuzzy stuff do we have here?”

Artist’s impression of Senko-san learning about BL while she cooks you dinner.
How does she turn the pages without opposable thumbs? How does she reach the boiling pot? These are the questions.

So I asked the gang for some recommendations, had a read, and thought I’d let you guys know a couple of my favourites!

Title: The Guy I’m into Is a You-Know-What!
Genre: Love Manga
Adult Content: Yes
Link to store

A really cute story about Sakiko Kotohira, a diehard fujoshi, and Masayuki Utazu, a 30 year-old virgin that looks like a playboy, and their sudden office romance.

Sakiko often wakes up to the voice of her fantasy husbando, “Reiji”, in the form of steamy yaoi drama CDs. Although this is normally about as close as a fangirl can get to getting her dream boy, it just so happens that Masayuki, who works at her office, is the perfect Reiji look-a-like. There are two problems however: she’s worried about anyone finding out about her hobby, and he is terrified of women. Fortunately, the two are finally brought together when he choke-slams her into the freaking ground, by accident.

To quote the main guy, Masayuki, “She’s so tiny! And soft! And cute!!” I honestly found Sakiko to be simply adorable, and her interactions with Masayuki are super sweet too, largely due to his level of innocence. The art is really comfy, switching between a cute and comical style for the regular interactions, and a more detailed, high quality feel for the erotic scenes. Both relatable and very funny, this series will really cheer you up at the end of a long day.

Title: My Dearest Cop
Genre: BL
Adult Content: Yes
Link to store

My Dearest Cop is about two friends, forty-something-year-old ex-cop and shop owner Seiji Tajima, and 30 year-old cop Shin Nakamoto, and how they make the jump from friends, to something more.

Now running his family’s store, despite his best attempts, Seiji is having trouble finding a girlfriend. Shin often stops by while out on patrol for tea and a chat, but probably more so because of the romantic feelings he’s been harbouring for Seiji. When Seiji makes an off-hand comment about trying his luck with guys, Shin takes the opportunity to make Seiji his!

Oh my God look at that cat (=´∇`=) It’s adorable! Besides the cat, I really loved the pacing of this manga. The author has taken the time to set the scene, introduce the characters, and show us their relationships. This more gentle start is very relaxing and gives the characters a warmth that will put a smile on your face!

I really hope one of these series can brighten up your day and provide the “healing” that you need ( ´∀`)b And if you’re into anime I highly recommend checking out Senko-san too! Lastly I’d love to hear of any iyashi series that you guys enjoyed!

Until next time~! ヴァ───ヾ(´ー`)ノ───イ