Happy Tuesday! Here are the new releases for 6/11.


Title: Bitten Till I Melt
Author: Kayou Amamiya

In this touching Omegaverse story, Takeshi (alpha) and Yoshihisa (omega) have been together since high school, and friends for even longer than that. Things have been going really well between the two of them, but they have been waiting to pair until the right time comes. However, they are also worried about meeting their so-called “destiny pair,” supposedly a once-in-a-lifetime chance meeting that is fated to end in a relationship. When Takeshi goes abroad, Yoshihisa can’t help but worry that he’ll be stolen away from him by his own destiny pair. Also included is the story, “Fulfilling My Needs With You” about a DJ and a company worker who wants to be a chef.

Once a Week Just Isn’t Enough by Memo Kamiya
The Busy Bee Falls for the Useless Cat’s Meow by Ichigo Satou (Chapter 5)
My Fickle Jaguar by Unohana (Chapter 15)
Backstage, I’m Yours by Tomo Nakami (Chapter 4)
Our Addictive Carnal Games by Nerima zim (Chapter 2)


Title: Allergic to Love
Author: Yoko Ito

Satoko moves to the big city to start a new life away from the small town where she grew up. Her life was so suffocating there and she felt she had no privacy. However, she gets a surprise call from her mom, who has set up an arranged marriage for her! Even though she’s only 24! Fearing the worst, she asks out her new boss, Taishi, an unassuming, awkward man with terrible posture and thick glasses…

Does It Feel Too Good to Speak? -My Secret Lover’s Indulgent Lessons- by Makiko Saiki (Chapter 17)
I Can’t Fall in Love with My Husband by Akira Fujiwara (Chapter 4)
You’re Too Nice! -I’m Not Letting You off Until You’re Mine- by
Misaki Tachibana, Ui Shishiyama (Chapter 10)
Mandatory Matrimony -A Hot Working Guy and a Cold Office Girl- by Kaoru Arata (Chapter 1)
Sadistic Bartender -My Naughty Body Is Drunk on Love- by Hikaru Kurosaki (Chapter 4)
Please Marry Me Right Now -I’ve Gotta Get Married in the Next Three Months- by Syouko Kirishima (Chapter 1)
If It’s Love, Don’t Fight It -At Night, This Perfect Gentleman Turns Wicked- by Secco, Suzuko Kotori (Chapter 2)
Which Man Do You Choose to “Do”!? by Masaki Otoo


Title: Tycoon’s Temptation
Author: Yuki Shiomiya, Trish Morey

Holly lost her parents when she was young, and has been living with her grandfather since she was a child. For as long as she can remember, she’s been working as hard as she can to transform their wine-making business into a reputable organization, after being slandered by a high-end deal gone sour many years ago. However, history may repeat itself, as the luxury hotel Chatsfield is looking to purchase Holly’s company for a very large sum. The only problem is that its leaders are embroiled in scandals! The charming and handsome Franco Chatsfield unexpectedly arrives to seal the deal, but Holly flatly refuses. Will Franco win Holly over, or will Holly be able to struggle on her own?

A Wild Justice by Satomi Tsuya, Gail Ranstrom (Chapter 2)
More Than He Expected by Kazuna Uchida, Andrea Laurence
Playboy’s Lesson by Rie Nakamura, Melanie Milburne
The Black Sheep’s Secret Child by Motoko Mori, Cat Schield
Rock-A-Bye Baby by Kaoru Shinozaki, Debbie Macomber
Dishonourable Proposal by Kako Ito, Jacqueline Baird


Title: Monthly: Editor-in-Chief Aikawa (Chapter 15)
Author: Takeshi Ohmi

Ms. Aikawa has been a star magazine editor for her entire career, and now she has moved up the ranks and been transferred to become Editor-in-Chief at a publishing company! The only thing is that it’s her first time working as an… adult magazine editor. She’s never dealt with this kind of office before! One of her co-workers, Keisuke comes to check up on her after hours, and finds that although she tries to be professional during the day, she has a few fantasies of her own…

Title: The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior (Chapter 6)
Author: Miyahara Ruri

Usa (pronounced oo-sa, not like the country) is about to move into a new place for high school, but on the way to his new (actually very old) apartment, he runs into a weirdo peeking into a public school. After dealing with the police and making sure he gets taken in for questioning, he gets to his apartment and is shocked to find that same guy just happens to be his new roommate! Usa can’t live under these conditions, but just as he is on his way out forever, he finds Ritsu, the girl of his dreams, standing at his front door…!


Title: Half-A-Million-Dollar Bride
Author: Kaiji Umeda

Akane lost her parents when she was young and grew up with her aunt and uncle, who were not happy with the arrangement. Now that she’s 25, she’s always wanted to find a partner and give the happiness to her children that she could never have. She thought she found the perfect man… but it turns out he was already married… and with three kids! Akane is forced to provide compensation to the couple, but a mysterious man takes care of it while claiming to be her husband… just what will become of her?