Here are all the exciting new things coming out on Renta! this wonderful Friday!


Title: Day-Care Pick Up
Author: Haiji Kurusu

Yura’s sister is busy, so he often goes to his nephew’s day-care to pick him up. But, every time he goes, he runs into Mr. Kaji, who always has a scowl on his face and a scathing remark not far behind. However, when Yura’s nephew gets sick, Mr. Kaji is the one who comes to help! When Yura takes Mr. Kaji out to thank him, they run into Yura’s ex, but Mr. Kaji defends Yura by pretending to be his new boyfriend! Maybe there’s something more behind that sad frown after all… This spin-off features the side character Yura from Haiji Kurusu’s manga, Dirty Daddy Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

Complex XXX by Moko Tonda
Only Guys Can Come Inside!? -Shared Housing with Gay Porn Stars- by Chiyaha Magase (Chapter 33)
Can I Make a Friend? by Yukiaki Uno (Chapter 1)
The Guy I Hate by Moto Haruyama (Chapter 3)
Untangled by Yurin Sakuraba (Chapter 1)


Title: Finding a Spouse on a Deserted Island! -Two Beautiful and Sexy Guys… My Heart Won’t Stop Racing- (Chapter 1)
Author: Betti Taora

Umeko is paid to join a mixer cruise event, but she ends up stranded on a deserted island when the ship goes under. The only other people on the island are the beautiful and handy Aoi, and the muscular and skillful Ryuji. The two of them take care of all the hunting and cooking, while Umeko is still just trying to get her bearings over the new situation. That night, she’s surrounded by two beautiful men! Will she be able to get any sleep at all?

[Verticomix] Mahoko! Quit Being So Bossy! by Hiraku Miura (Chapter 7)
The Forged Night with a Sadistic Serviceman -Cry with Your Lovely Voice- by Kiha Chihana (Chapter 8)
Do Androids Dream of Love? by Ryo Hidaka (Chapter 3)
Let Me Eat You -A Younger Guy’s Secret Menu- by Eikichi (Chapter 1)
Can’t Take My Eyes off of You by Mako Motoshi (Chapter 12)
“At This Rate, I’m Gonna Come…” -The Warden’s Relentless Pat-Down- by Show Izumi (Chapter 17)
Who Let the Horndog In? by Sachiko Aida


Title: The Prince She Never Forgot
Author: Yu Mahara/Scarlet Wilson

Ten years ago, Ruby was down on her luck. Her boyfriend had left her, and she couldn’t get into her dream job. So, she decided to go to Paris to see the New Year’s fireworks. That’s when she ran into Alex, a man who swept her off her feet and brought her newfound joy in life. They shared a kiss and he promised to keep in touch, but he never contacted her again. Now, Ruby is working at a children’s hospital in London, when she is suddenly summoned to the kingdom of Euronia by their Duke… and he’s the same man she met that fateful day!

The Secret That Changed Everything by Karan Dan/Lucy Gordon
The Billionaire’s Ruthless Affair Rich, Ruthless and Renowned II by Kazuko Fujita/Miranda Lee
Trapped! by Nanao Hidaka/Lori Foster
Not For Sale by Hiromi Kobayashi/Sandra Marton
A Law Unto Himself by Nanami Akino/Penny Jordan


Title: entrans!
Author: Pon Takahanada

En is always pranked by his fellow students and getting his uniform switched out with a female one. When he wakes up one day to find that he actually has a girl’s body (and a nice one at that!), he realizes that no prank could have gone this far! Now En has to figure out what has happened so he can turn back into a guy. But what issues will he face on the way with his new body?

The Man Behind the Costume by Neneko Kobato


Title: I Don’t Like That Smile (Chapter 10)
Author: Hiroshi Daken

Ritsuki and Sumire both are not the people they seem to be. Sumire is said to be the biggest tease at school, but really she’s just a shy loner. Ritsuki is the most popular kid in class, but he actually has trouble connecting with other people. After class one day, Sumire shares her first kiss with Ritsuki, but wonders whether it was the right decision after all. What if Ritsuki sees who Sumire truly is…?