Title: I Never Taught You That!
Author: Nerima zim

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To celebrate the official English release of Nerima zim’s new series, Our Addictive Carnal Games on Renta!, I thought I’d take a look back and review the comic that started it all – I Never Taught You That! Also a timely reminder that both this series and the first sequel series, Listen to Your Teacher! are 25% off until June 11th. Make sure you check them out before then!

Masaki Tsuji is a divorced high school teacher in his 30’s, and recently something has been bothering him. For the past few days, someone has been groping him on the crowded train to work! At first he thought it was just a pervert aiming for the schoolgirls next to him, but as the attacks increase in intensity and frequency, Masaki soon realizes he’s the target!

Rush hour in Japan is scary! Train groping is a really unfortunate issue in Japan, and many people have gotten complacent. Remember: if you see something, say something! Due to the packed nature of Japanese trains, Masaki feels like he has no choice but to endure this humiliating torture. After a few days, Masaki finally catches a glimpse of the perpetrator, and he’s wearing the uniform of Masaki’s school!?

Despite being shaken by the events of the past few days, Masaki gets to work and begins grading papers, when he notices a blank sheet from Sohta Izumi, a student who usually gets good grades. When he calls Sohta to his office, Sohta is acting suspicious, and I think you can tell where this is going.

Sohta ties Masaki down and confesses that he’s the one that’s been groping him on the train. Why? Because he’s in love with his teacher of course. Students are so independent these days! I’m sure Masaki is happy that he’s taking matters into his own hands, but surely there are better ways of confessing your love than this!

Sohta continues to force himself on Masaki (I’ll leave the rest to your imagination, OR you can check out the manga for yourself and see!) To make sure Masaki doesn’t tell anyone, Sohta takes a few embarrassing pictures that would incriminate him should he decide to tell anyone about what happened. Promising to see him again tomorrow, Sohta unties Masaki and takes his leave.

One of my favorite things about Nerima zim’s manga is the use of facial expressions. They’re a great balance between cartoony and realistic, and really do an excellent job of getting you into the mindset of the protagonists. Of course, the story is also top-notch, and the writing really makes you want to know what happens next.

In the newest series, Our Addictive Carnal Games, Masaki and Sohta appear as side characters. By then, they are in a happy relationship. How do they go from the situation in this manga to being a really cute younger seme/older uke couple? You’ll have to read the rest of the series to find out! Could the aggressive Sohta from Chapter 1 actually have a sweet side to him after all?

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