The Japanese Internet loves having fun with wordplay based on the days of the year and various alternate ways to read them. You may already be familiar with the more famous ones, such as Pocky Day (11/11) coming up soon!

Over the weekend I noticed a lot of the Yaoi/BL artists on my twitter feed sharing photos of cute butts.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that CERTAIN parts of the Internet (the cool parts) were calling 11/04 いいおしりの日 (ii o-shiri no hi) a.k.a. Nice Ass Day!

I have curated a short list of artists that shared really cute images on their twitter accounts to celebrate this wonderful ‘holiday’. This small collection is far from comprehensive, so you should do a little digging yourself after reading this blog in order to satisfy your thirst for delicious peaches on this wonderful occasion.

Please enjoy, and if you like what you see, check out the artists’ twitter accounts and come see what manga they have in English (links below)!


From Kyo Kitazawa, author of Taira the Bully

“It seems yesterday was Nice Ass Day, so please enjoy this illustration of Tsumugi-kun’s butt that I drew a long time ago.”


From Torino Rakuda, author of A Shrine of Male Relationships: Lost Anal Virgin in Threesome (by Mobile Media Research)

“I love butts, but I’m in the middle of work at the moment, so so please enjoy this delicious peach I dug out of a folder.”


From R18/NSFW Artist Masaru Yazirou

“I like plump, wet butts.”


From Scarlet Beriko, author of Minori’s Hand, Tatsuyuki Oyamato the 4th, and more ❤

(from “Jealousy”)

and the gorgeous cosplayer @MikeyZeph seen here rocking the same illustration IRL


From Gisho Akagi, author of Starting Today, I’m a Delinquent Slut!?

“Still wet from the shower, the master caught the cat.”


From Kurumi Otsuki, author of Trapped in an Elevator! -Two Hot Salarymen, Going up!-

“Nice Ass Day! Banzai!
I just happened to have a nice butt sketch on hand for the Angel Pantsu manga I’m currently working on. I got the idea for it when I was discussing content images with my editor and looking at softcore images for reference. There were post-it notes exquisitely placed all over all the important bits on all the images they sent me, and it made me burst out laughing.
Still… If you look at this shot from a certain angle it does look pretty lewd…!”


From Jiko Homura, author of The Perfect Way to Train Him

Image Translation:
“But my ass isn’t even nice!”
(Inhaling Deeply) “It’s a great ass! Best in the world!”


There are many more you can find under the tag for #いいおしりの日 but these are the ones that filled up my timeline at the end of the day on 11/04.

Enjoy, and have a lovely ass day!