Recently I had the honor of editing the manga “Rikai Dekinai Kare to no Koto” which Renta! translated as “What I Don’t Understand About Him“.


Item Page:

What I Don’t Understand About Him

This by-the-book manga is extremely high on the eroi ratings chart, so if you’re a yaoi beginner, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

It begins innocuously enough, and I enjoyed the office setting where a quiet, very “normal” office worker “Shiro” suddenly has to manage a new employee who comes from what seems to be an entirely different culture. Koma’s a sweet kid, but he also doesn’t seem to fit into a typical office environment at all… He wears casual and flashy clothes, baggy shirts, and basically looks like he just walked out of a modern rap video.

Watching Shiro struggle to deal with Koma is so cute, and the outset of the manga makes you feel like you’re getting into a romantic comedy. Which you are!! It’s just… uh…

How should I explain this…

I think the reviews from readers who purchased this manga sum it up pretty nicely.

Review from a pleased reader:

“I thought this was HILARIOUS. So unique. Absolutely filled with characters you don’t get to see often. Definitely gritty, but in the best way. Highly recommended, worth every minute, the stories are fun, the art is great… I had so much fun with this. A refreshing divergence from the norm.”

Review from a traumatized reader:

“This… got real kinky without, like, any warning whatsoever. I probably wouldn’t have purchased the manga if I’d known this much pee was involved. It’s also really not my thing for characters to discover kinks by being pushed into them by a partner. One of the stories also had a real child-grooming vibe to it, so be aware of that. That said, the art was quite nice, and this will probably be right up some people’s alleys. (Maybe literally.) Just not mine.”

I’ve been working here long enough to have seen every trope you can imagine, but for a BL, this is one manga that showed me things I have never seen executed in quite this way before.

The part of me that loves unique, original, and bold art really REALLY enjoyed this manga!! But even someone as desensitized as me reacted with more than a few sweat drop emoji as I was working on this one.

As the reviewer says, Koma gets really kinky, really fast. I think the artist wanted the reader to feel exactly how Shiro felt as they read it, which is SHOCKED, panicked, and turned on all at once.

I wanted to be more disgusted but the artist (Shimako Wan) pulled it off in a way that leaves you hot and bothered. So instead, I traumatized all my friends, and I would encourage you to do the same if you enjoyed this refreshing manga that definitely crosses the line.

When I bought this manga myself (in Japanese, when it first came out) I don’t know how I felt about it. More shock than pleasure, I think. However, I have clearly grown so much since then, because now I am embracing it.

Fun Fact: Shimako Wan also has two other manga on our site at the moment:

Item Pages:

A Warped Triangle, Undone and Entangled

Lusty Wolf Howls For Love

I really enjoyed the threesome one. Since falling in love with Shimako Wan, I went on to buy all their manga and have a very traumatizing yet satisfying weekend after Yaoi Day (August 1).

In fact, my gorgeous BL compatriot and angel “Amy” came up with the perfect name for Shimako Wan fans:

Wan-kers ❤ 

We’re all Wankers now.

Final Side Note: Shimako Wan enjoys putting weird things up butts. Giant grapes… Chapstick… Too much water… XXX- and XXX-filled condom (What I Don’t Understand About Him).

My favorite manga by them so far was about a boy who inherited a power passed down in his family which made it rain whenever he cried. He moved back to the countryside after his grandfather (the previous heir) passed away and met the boy whose family line dedicated themselves to uh… making the rain boy cry. I love it!

See? Not every manga by them includes weird stuff up the butt. Some of them are uh… what’s the word. Not “pure”… I’ll keep thinking about this and let you know if I find the word I’m looking for.

Meanwhile, I love this sensei and all their stories are COMPLETELY different, refreshing, and entertaining, and I recommend it to anyone who has a high tolerance for shock, a love for hot yaoi, and the desire to traumatize your friends.