Restraint Program
拘束プログラム・Kousoku Program

by Naduki Koujima


Link to Manga:

Shoya is the flashy bodyguard assigned to watch over Haruma’s every move and protect him from… wait, why does he need protecting again? Haruma doesn’t even know, and he certainly doesn’t think he needs babysitting. But his mom insists, and so chaos ensues as Haruma tries to protect himself from Shoya’s swift advances.

This is the first volume of an incredible series from an incredibly famous mangaka, Naduki Koujima.

The seme is confident, flashy, and always shows up to rescue Haruma from danger.

The uke is a “spoiled rich kid” with a really cute humble side (he actually wants to be able to support himself without depending on his rich family), and gets swept up in Shoya’s straightforward pursuit over and over again.

My senpai was very very excited that we get to release this title from one of her favorite artists, and so I am very happy to announce that we’ve got it for you now, exclusively at Renta!

If you like classic shoujo flavors and cute comedy, this one’s for you.