Big news!

Starting this week at Renta!, new releases will come out every TUESDAY and FRIDAY from now on.

Until now we’ve been updating the site with new releases once a week on Wednesdays, but over the last six months alone we’ve more than doubled the amount of manga we put out on the site at one time.

Temporarily we’ll spread the releases out to give you as much great stuff as we can twice a week, but we’ve got a lot of amazing titles on the way so strap in for a great summer.

*Note: This change will not affect Wednesday special sales and campaigns like Premium Wednesday.

BLessings upon you and your family.

In honor of “Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun” I bring to you two great threesomes:

Welcome to the Yaoi Research Club!
2 in 1 Bonus Chapter!

by Haruta


Stuck Between a Sexy Rock and a Hard Friend

by Ikuyasu