The Duchess of Rosia -A Contract Marriage? How Did This Happen!?-
(Dareka Kono Joukyou Wo Setsumei Shite Kudasai Keiyaku Kara Hajimaru Wedding)
by Kazura Kinosaki and Tsuredurebana
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One year before the start of the manga, Viola Manghelica Euphorbia (try saying that one three times fast!), above, is approached by her father regarding a marriage proposal from Cersis Tinensis Physalis (what’s with the long names!?), below. Viola’s father is an earl who’s fallen into poverty after taking enormous amounts of loans to rescue his kingdom from a famine. Cersis is the Duke of Rosia in the flourishing kingdom of Fleur. He’s extremely handsome and a highly eligible bachelor. Viola, on the other hand, is — in her own words — a “plain Jane”. She simply can’t wrap her head around why he’d want her as a wife.


Just then, Cersis shows up at her father’s rundown mansion and invites Viola out for tea. At their tea time, he explains that why he’s asked for Viola’s hand in marriage and offered to pay for her father’s debt.


Viola is taken aback by his guilt-free attitude toward the whole situation. I mean, who in the right mind would say yes to such an unusual arrangement!? However, Viola briefly thinks over his proposal and accepts, provided Cersis follows through with his word to pay off her family’s debts entirely.

After the wedding ceremony, Viola is relieved to get to her new home… until she’s greeted by countless servants! In her father’s mansion, there were only two servants for the entire family. Just how rich is this guy!?


Afterwards, she’s whisked up to the master bedroom. Viola can hardly believe here eyes. She’d only had the privilege of visiting such bedrooms. Now it’s all hers!? She wonders, however, where the Duke will sleep. He informs her that he resides in the other wing with his girlfriend, Calendula.


This awfully cute Shojo series follows Viola around as she tries to keep up the charade as Cersis’s wife and fill her days with adventure. If you are in the mood for a beautifully drawn, amazing manga with a surprisingly sweet story, check it out from the item page link above or click here.