Introducing: “Falling Slowly” by Kishimoto

Falling Slowly

I am genuinely excited to bring this title to you in English! I will file this under “Manga Sarah has owned and purchased way back before it was available on our English site, so she’s super excited to release it into English” which is a long category title, but bear with me, because it’s great.

The Japanese title is “Iyaya Iyaya mo Suki no Uchi?” and you can find it on the Japanese Renta here!

The setting is at a convenience store at a train station in Kansai, featuring a bright-eyed and expressive Senpai who shows everything he’s thinking or feeling on his face for all to see, and a very unexpressive Kouhai who is almost impossible to read and yet asks Senpai to go out with him on page 1 of this cute story.


(Iyaya Iyaya Mo Suki no Uchi?)

Senpai turns him down harshly out of reflex, but regrets his knee-jerk reaction. Obsessing over what to do and trying to figure out what his Kouhai is thinking, they spend the rest of their shift together almost as if nothing had happened. But as they were getting ready to go, Kouhai made it clear he hasn’t given up on Senpai, and hopes that he’ll give him a chance.

I love this pairing and I hope you will, too.

If you can read Japanese I also recommend you check out the original! Why? Because KANSAI-BEN. It’s too cute! Akan!

If you can’t, you can still enjoy the translation which takes their cute conversations and makes it frank and sweet without getting into weird slang.


This is Kishimoto’s first full volume work, so I can’t wait to read more from them. They also have a two-chapter one-shot of two college students where one of them is literally a stalker but he’s so adorable and (mostly) harmless that the other boy can’t help but let him into his heart.

If you’re interested, check it out!: Okazaki-kun’s Stalker

(Okazaki-kun no Stalker)