Happy Wednesday, everyone!

This week we’ve got tons of chapter updates for ongoing series, and two brand new full volumes that you won’t want to miss.

My top recommendation for the week is this gorgeous one-volume manga by Tsuna Kamokawa called “A Capricious Kitten’s Melancholy“.

capricious kitten

It has all the elements of a great Yaoi manga that I love. It’s outrageously erotic in every chapter, and yet not obscenely so. It’s gorgeous to look at and the character designs are beautiful for both the seme and the uke. The story itself is deeper than the average Yaoi but is also endearing and sweet. Sigh. Go read it! Go go go!

Please enjoy and share the link below!

Link to Capricious Kitties via our homepage:

Kimagure Neko no Melancholy