Occasionally I’ll end up working on a manga here at the office that I love so much… that I have to track it down in Japanese and buy it myself because I can’t get the story out of my head.

This week’s obsessive purchase was “Sono Yo no Dokoka, Chizu no Nai Kuni” by Nikke Taino. It will be translated as The Uncharted Kingdom of Oraie.

I had seen the cover many times before as I like to make weekly trips to the Tsutaya in my neighborhood with a huge Yaoi selection, but I’d never looked very deeply into it.


At first glance it looks like a story about ninjas, and although I am sad that is not the case, it was a REALLY well-written fantasy about a country walled off from the rest of the world to contain a mysterious illness.

Our handsome protagonist finally found a helicopter pilot willing to fly near enough to see over the high walls, and then stole his parachute to sneak his way in, only to promptly be locked up behind bars.


The gorgeous royal nobility (see cover) takes a liking to the half-brilliant, half-stupid, very handsome young man, and takes him into his family home to work as staff and share some knowledge and information from the outside world.

This gorgeous nobility, however, is something like 11-12 years old. Technically he is the king, since the rest of his family has passed away due to the illness.

I fell in love with the moving love story between the king and the man who was meant to give up his life for him so that he may live on.

There’s a lot more plot and dramatic twists going on in this volume than you’ll find in most yaoi manga, so the beauty of it really drew me in!

Also, it was really sexy.

Keep your eye out for this one! It’s on the way…*

*(Blog Update: It’s here!!! https://www.ebookrenta.com/renta/sc/frm/item/139288 )