Hi everyone. I haven’t always been into BL (Yaoi). You could say that I was a bit of a late bloomer. However, over the last year, I went from being a newbie to an obsessed expert who must have the latest releases immediately or I’d be unable to sleep at night.

So I’d like to introduce this little column to let other hardcore fans like myself know about what I’ve been reading lately in Japanese. Welcome to my BL-log! Spoilers all over the place, but really juice ones.

New This Week in Yaoi:

Unohana Sensei
“Shacho Hasumi Yo Taiho Sunzen!”


This newest full volume comic from Unohana Sensei loosely translates to “Yo Hasumi (CEO) is on the brink of being arrested!”

It features a handsome, wild, and adventurous CEO who, due to seemingly endless scandals covering the news at all hours of the day, has to temporarily take up residence in a 5-star hotel in Tokyo. When an elite bellman mistakenly “rescued” Hasumi from jumping out the window to his death (he was just looking at the birds), he accidentally injured his hand. Hasumi stops Sugo (the bellman) from reporting the incident by requesting him to be his personal exclusive attendant for the remainder of his stay in the hotel.

Hasumi quickly identifies Sugo as gay, even though he is straight himself. Sugo is actually an exclusive top, so suffice it to say he is deeply dismayed when Hasumi wants to make his first gay experience topping another guy into another “first experience” for Sugo, too.

This manga is filled with funny and cute humor, a captivating story with drama, complex and interesting characters, and a whole lot of really ecchi scenes that will knock your socks off.

Seme vs. Seme…. quite honestly might be one of my favorite tropes. Well done!

We love Unohana here at the English Renta! so I can’t wait to get this one translated as soon as possible. This was my favorite volume of theirs so far, and that’s saying something. There’s no way we’d let this one slip away.

B.Pilz Vol.7
(Link to Website)

B.Pilz is a Yaoi magazine that we just began working with this year on the English side of Renta! It has some really nice manga in circulation!

The most recent edition, Vol.7, came out this week in Japanese and normally I would wait for translations but when I heard “Haruta” and “new series” I ran as fast as I could to the Japanese Renta! and purchased the whole magazine for myself.

We’ve got a lot of these titles coming your way in English very soon, but here’s a bit of a teaser for Haruta’s new one:

ハイスクールラララブ act.1
High School La La Love!

haruta-1 (1)



Hinata’s parents decide (rightfully so, I think) that he is incapable of living by himself while they go abroad for work, so before his new high school life begins, he moves in with a family friend who happens to have a child of their own around the same age. Hinata finds himself in heaven when he discovers that it’s a gorgeous guy who is exactly his type.

Too busy fantasizing about his new perfect romance-filled high school life, he gets a little too excited, and “Aki-chan” walks in on him taking care of business. (And on his very first day living in a new house as a guest – how naughty.) Hinata, although confused by the exciting turn of events that followed, is naturally overjoyed by all this. However, when school begins the next day, Aki-chan is already acting cold and standoffish again.

To be continued…

Other series in this issue include:

俺たちナマモノ?です act.1
Oretachi Namamono? Desu

都合のいい女 act.5
Tsugou no Ii Onna

MOOBSTRETCH: Stretch Session Obsession

いとしいひと act.5
My Love

All of these series are also amazing, and I know for a fact we have several of them on the way. Please hold your breath as we bring great things to you in English. Thank you for reading with me!