I just realized I’ve been working here for more than 6 months! (Why!? HOW!?)

It’s been a wild ride and I’ve learned so many things, especially from my beloved fujoshi senpai.

Today I asked them several questions about Yaoi, and they delivered.

Question 1: What are some of your favorite tropes?

  • Fake (pretend) marriage scenarios
  • Fake (pretend) boyfriend scenarios
  • Fake (pretend) anything scenarios, really
  • Rivals
  • Getting locked in or stuck somewhere (like an elevator or car, or restricted in the sense of “I can’t use my hand because of this injury so I need you to help me out!”)
  • Forced to work together when they “hate” each other
  • Straight guys experimenting and realizing they’re not straight
  • Oh my god, there’s only one bed, what ever shall we do.
  • Comforting someone who is hurt, or a confession of love in a very dangerous and emotional situation, “hopefully with injuries”
  • Historical or future (any time period that isn’t present works, apparently)

Question 2: What is your favorite type of seme?

  • “One who doesn’t rape the uke.”
  • “I don’t have a favorite type of seme (or uke) because I prefer ‘reversible’ couples.”

Question 3: What is your favorite type of uke?

  • “An uke who is actually a man and not just a weak female character disguised as a dude.”
  • “Uke who are ‘enthusiastic’ in bed.”

Question 4: What would life be like if the world turned into Yaoi?

  • Unanimous: “There would be no women.” (except for side characters, supporting cast, someone to make the main character jealous, and maybe that one girl who pops in to supply advice.)
  • Unanimous: “Everyone would be gay.”
  • The number of sick days taken off work would increase for all men across the board.
  • You would have to avoid peeking into the nearby forest during summer festivals, or alleyways downtown, or stairwells at the office, etc…
  • You would see a lot more body coverage at swimming pools as men began to be self-conscious and cover up.
  • “Faceless background characters” would appear as a highly sought-after and lucrative occupation.

If you have any questions, or answers of your own to the above questions, please share!