Harada fans, fear not. (Actually it would be wise to fear a little bit, but setting that aside for the moment…) POSITIVE is here, and it will help you distract you from the sexy sadness that NEGATIVE left imprinted permanently on your hearts!


POSITIVE features several different stories, all of which I love dearly.

The Messiah’s Cursed Day / The Messiah’s Choice

This first story starts out with an exclusive top whose talented tongue (and other parts) have touched almost everyone… that is, except his best friend, who we now find him crying to at the usual bar. The infamous top has finally been topped, and isn’t taking it well…

Messiah 1Messiah 2Messiah 3Messiah 4

Read More to find out whether or not he can resist the firm touch of the only guy who ever snuck in his back door, and how he reacts when he finds out his supposed best friend was the one who hired the guy to get all up in there in the first place.

Space Tentacles / Space Tentacles! / Space Tentacles!!

Once upon a time, in a galaxy near and dear to our hearts, the galactic space wars raged on, creating a whole group of people in dire need of a soft touch and a little satisfaction.

Enter our heroes, the professor and his young nubile assistant, who have arrived just in time to save the newly discovered tentacle monster population which has been hunted to near extinction, what with the high demand and all. Only they will be able to study the slick, slippery creature and revitalize the dwindling… population numbers.

Space Tentacles 1Space Tentacles 2Space Tentacles 3Space Tentacles 4

Do I really have to sell you on this? It’s funnier and sexier than you could possibly imagine, and Harada does not skimp on highly detailed x-ray views of exactly how many tentacles are trying to get at the prostate all at once. Go check it out!

Perverse Love, Star-Crossed Love

Shaving right past the first scene where these two lovebirds play around with some rather feisty foreplay, our dark-haired friend gets his revenge on his lover with a cigarette in his mouth and razor blade in hand.

Perverse Love 1

Skipping ahead again because we’re totally PG here…

Perverse Love 2Perverse Love 3Perverse Love 4

Well. I am speechless, but this was… ALL the adjectives. Cute, intense, intimate, hilarious, dark, light, but most importantly, sexy and entertaining.

If you enjoyed this Harada manga, please write a review on our site! Yatamomo Volume 3 will be out on the 18th this month, and I know it’s incredibly popular, but if I am being perfectly biased and unfair, this is by far my favorite Harada manga! So I’d love for whoever loves it to let their friends know they can find it at Renta!

(and then tell me which story was your favorite, too… because I can’t choose.)