How do we curate what manga goes up on Renta!?

Well… beyond the first step of actually negotiating directly with publishers to get permission to translate and sell their manga legally on our site, there ARE times when we technically have permission to do certain manga and choose not to.

I know that sounds wild and outrageous, but we do have standards, you know!

1. No child pornography

Family Situation

Cutie Pies Must Be Protected At All Costs

Though child pornography is illegal in Japan, as it should be, it is NOT illegal if it is drawn. That means there is some manga out there with fictional kids getting abused. Interestingly, in illustrated form it is also legal in America and Britain but not in Australia.

Legal or not, we still hold the right to decide not to translate or sell works that include underage children. We also extend this to flashback scenes of tragic backstories, so unfortunately this does sometimes pop up as a reason we decline certain manga.

However, lots of manga features juniors and seniors in high school in Japan, so the youngest you’ll see is 16 years old. (If we excluded high school love stories from our list, you’d never see any manga get translated at all!) Occasionally something might slip through when the artist decides in chapter 20 of an ongoing series that they need to traumatize us, but we try to prevent this from happening as best we can.

2. Bestiality

Threads of Love 2

10% pup? Fantastic! — 100% pup? Bad boy.

This is another line we choose not to cross. I’ve seen a lot of manga in the omegaverse genre that have been featuring full-out humanoid animals covered in fur. Unfortunately you won’t see these on our site.

The only animals allowed to do naughty things in our manga are of the tentacle’d variety.

Never fear though – Animal ears and tails are hugely popular, and we do not discriminate against cuteness.

3. Gang Rape

This is too upsetting to purposefully share with readers in English, so if there’s penetration, there’s no translation.

4. Cross-generational incest

Step-siblings? Go for it!
Cousins? Alright.
Siblings or Twins? Not great, but okay!
Parent/Uncle and Child? NOPE.


These guys aren’t siblings, I just really like this cover.

I hope that explains why occasionally there will be a manga out there that we love but that we are unfortunately unable to translate and share on our site. I don’t mean to write off all the problematic manga we DO publish as perfectly fine and not upsetting on occasion, but please keep in mind that there are a lot of factors at play, cultural differences just being one of them, and ultimately our goal is to share as much fun and sexy manga with our readers as possible.

As we continue to grow and have more say in what gets translated, I know that the genre will grow with us, and artists will continue creating more and more content that surprises us in pleasant ways, as opposed to just knocking our socks off : )