Negative by Harada
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This is the second Harada series featured on our site. Her works are definitely not for everyone. After having read Negative, I can see why. Of course, that isn’t to say that she doesn’t have a very loyal fan base–myself included now.

This edition features five stories plus one bonus story. All six stories left a rather strong impression on me, but perhaps the most memorable was Piercings. The art is very crisp and the love scenes are so intensely sensual that they arouse all the senses.


Usui (above), a slender and well-groomed office worker with a slightly feminine aura about him, walks in to a massage parlor. He changes into a robe and sits on the massage table. The masseur is taken aback by his nape piercing.


He tells his masseur all about his piercings while getting massaged. The masseur presses him when he mentions he has them in other places you can’t see. He lifts his head off the massage table and looks the sweaty masseur in the face.


The masseur removes his robe and works his way from Usui’s navel and inverse navel piercings up to his tongue piercing. Usui tells him that this one makes pleasuring his partners more interesting and lets him find out for himself.

Shortly after, the masseur asks Usui out and they become a couple. He’s totally captivated by the bewitching allure the holes in his body bring out.

Usui offers to pierce his tongue while they are making love. He pulls out his equipment and begins explaining the process and effects. The masseur is enveloped in the pain of having his tongue pierced and the pleasure of making love to Usui.


His piercing firmly in place, Usui lifts himself up. He realizes then that he’s finished inside of him.

Things are going well between them. The masseur is finally getting used to his tongue piercing. Usui lies on his stomach in bed, ready for the masseur to ravish him. He’s entranced by the metal glinting on the nape of his neck.

“In middle grade school,” Usui moans, “the guy who pierced my nape… was my first time.”

The masseur stops.


This one definitely isn’t for every one, but this beautifully illustrated and deeply sensual manga is well worth the read if you keep an open mind.

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