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Since around Christmas last year, Chase and I have been writing some Staff Recommendations in the Renta! mail magazine, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a few of those gems. Time flies by so fast! There are so many amazing books we want to recommend, we can hardly keep up with them all. Bless! 笑

December 18 – by Sarah

I Just Wanna Be A Good Boy
by Memo Kamiya

I Just Wanna Be A Good Boy

Are you on Santa’s naughty list?

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Renta! December 24 here in Tokyo seems more like Valentine’s Day than Christmas, as it’s popular for young couples to make reservations somewhere nice for dinner and spend the evening together. Can you believe they do that while Santa is watching?


Sarah: Hahaha.. Well that does sound like me.

I Just Wanna Be A Good Boy” is a full-volume collection of short stories (an anthology) all by the same author. The story on the cover features two very special characters in addition to the “main character” (if you can call him that). The seme and uke of this story are actually the very handsome and responsible “good conscience” and his counterpart inside the main character’s head, the naughty bad boy personifying the “devil on your shoulder” voice of desire.

Who knew these two would fall in love and pair up to do some pretty awesome inappropriate things. Sounds dangerous, as their actions seem to have a big influence on the hormonal teenager they are tasked with guiding.

It’s a fun read!

January 12 – by Chase

I’m Becoming A Sperm Doner:
Merciless Milk Wars in the Year 20XX
by Kisara

I'm Becoming A Sperm Doner

The year is 20XX. The government has launched a “special” program to combat the declining birthrate. Ryou, son to the Terushima Yakuza group, is invited to participate in the program. He is greeted at the clinic by former high-school classmate Hanyuu. What will happen when Ryou recalls the fling they had back then?! Spice up your start to 2018 with this manga!


Sarah: (Wow.) What made you decide to choose this manga to recommend to readers?

Chase: Wow indeed. This was the first mail magazine recommendation that I was asked to do. I’d been writing staff awards for sweet love manga (I still do) and was honestly feeling a little tired of that genre—even though I’d only been in the company for a few months! I was craving something different and realized I could recommend anything I wanted. I was in the mood for a little BL/Yaoi and was browsing through our BL/Yaoi manga when I found this one. I started reading it and thought, why the hell not? I’d not read much manga before joining Renta!, so everything was new to me, and I wanted to do some research. I never would have imagined that this kind of manga existed. Plus, it seemed fairly spicy enough to kick off 2018 (LOL).

January 19 – by Sarah

Over-cumming Writer’s Block
by Awaji・Nae


Hi everyone! How are you doing on those New Year’s Resolutions?? It’s too soon to give up!! Let me give you something amazing to read that will motivate you to follow your dreams! Rio is an author in the middle of writing a romantic novel, struggling because she’s so inexperienced in love that her editor told her it reads like “a duck having sex with a cabbage.” But she’s saved by Mr. Fujishima, who teaches her more than a thing or two about sex. This manga is sexy, hilariously cute, and completely consensual. Let Rio’s determination rub off on you to get 2018 revved up and going. That is what we were talking about, right?


Sarah: If you haven’t checked it out already, please check out the 5-minute video review we made for this manga where Chase and I uh… act out the scenes! Sorta.

February 2 – by Chase

Prisoner of Pleasure
-My Mind Says No, but My Body Says Yes!-
by Manami Fujiwara

Prisoner of Pleasure

February’s here and love -er, sex- is in the air! Miyu lands her current job through her uncle. She’s put on random duties and just can’t seem to fit in with her coworkers. After giving her boss, Irima, a report filled with typos, she stays late to fix it with her coworker, Yoshioka. Yoshioka’s plans to go to a mixer are ruined. Frustrated, he grabs Miyu, rips off her blouse and they get it on right there! When Irima finds out what happened the next day, he takes her into a conference room and he starts kissing her…! Why not treat yourself to something nice and naughty this Valentine’s day?


Sarah: Do you think that making out with someone is an appropriate response to submitting a report filled with typos?

Chase: Obviously this kind of manga is an outlet for people to fantasize with, but in real life, I don’t think it’s an appropriate response at all. The more realistic and appropriate response would be to have her fix it, then have Yoshioka check her work, and address the issue before it became a major problem. After that, if both parties are consenting and the feelings are mutual, they should be free to do whatever they want together, of course.

Sarah: Don’t forget to invite the boss.

February 9 – by Sarah

Let’s Be A Family!
by Tomo Kurahashi


In honor of a brand new Tomo Kurahashi release coming on February 14th (CRACK STAR!), I’d like to point your attention to the other titles we have by this same incredible manga artist. Here at Renta!, we are big fans of Tomo Sensei’s work. Her stories tend to feature friendships that blossom into love, usually with one person assuming their feelings were unrequited, WHEN ACTUALLY…!!!?

“Let’s Be a Family!!” features *three* friends, and two of them are already an established couple! How will their relationship change and grow when the third friend drops a baby in their lap? Prepare yourself for some heartwarming romance from Tomo Sensei. (And check out her other works, too!)


Sarah: I was re-reading this manga today, actually! The fourth chapter of the prequel to “Let’s Be A Family!” just came out last night, so I stayed up late to catch the midnight release. Aren’t you curious about how Chiaki and Kazuma got together? I could spoil it for you, but I’m feeling kind today. When the full volume is released at last, we’ll try to get it out in English ASAP! Hold your breath!

If you want to learn more about Tomo Sensei, check out this previous post! I reviewed her one-volume hit, “Crack Star” for my very first blog post on this site.

February 23 – by Chase

Nipple Bingo
-Kishiwada, A Guy With Very Sensitive Nipples-
by Asuka Ibiki

Nipple Bingo1

Kishiwada is a delinquent freshmen who doesn’t take off his shirt for any reason, which causes rumors to run wild at school. Some say he has the names of his victims tattooed on his body. Others say he has an ancient magic curse. The truth is that he just has very rare condition in which his nipples are sensitive – so much so that even the slightest brush against his nipples causes him to go weak and collapse to the ground! Read on and find out why he’s this way and how his friend helps him cure it!


Sarah: I have been keeping up to date with this manga, myself. It’s hilarious, sexy, and adorable. But Chase, please enlighten us… What kind of game is Nipple Bingo?

Chase: When Kishiwada was a child, his best friend, whom he meets again 6 years later when the manga begins, played a game where they point their index fingers at each other’s chests and try to poke their nipples. If the poker hits the pokee’s nipples, the pokee has to say “Nipple Bingo!” Kishiwada tries it on his friend, but is way off. However! His friend tries it on him and hits his nipples exactly. He falls to the floor laughing, telling him it tickles. Kishiwada’s friend’s heart starts racing and he excuses himself to go to the bathroom to “pee,” but we all know what was going on in there.

Anyway, thanks to their constantly playing this as kids, Kishiwada’s developed nipples so sensitive that even the slightest stimulation to them causes his knees to buckle under him and even fainting! I chose this one because I’d never heard of such a game, if it even exists, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

March 9 – by Sarah

Kiss and Tell
by Anna Takamura

Kiss and Tell

This ongoing series promises hot moments every week that will make your heart skip a beat as Leo comes to terms with his complicated relationship with Ryosuke. It’s interesting how the straight-laced, serious college student takes so much longer to recognize and accept his feelings than his beautiful classmate does… His beautiful… popular… classmate who is also an adult video star! Character growth with a sexy story to match? This is one Yaoi hit that you will not want to miss.


Sarah: I stand by what I wrote here. I have nothing to add. Mostly because it leaves me somewhat speechless. You should go read this. It’s hot.

March 22 – by Chase

Gelateria Supernova
by Kitahala Lyee

Gelateria Supernova

Naoki Masada and Tomoaki Satoya met through an online friends-with-benefits messaging board. Before long, they become boyfriends. Naoki’s never been with anyone as long as he has with Tomoaki, so he isn’t sure how to express himself around him. After a two-week long business trip, Tomoaki returns to Naoki’s apartment to find he’s been smoking again. He begins to bawl when Naoki finally works up the courage to tell him how he really feels! You won’t want to miss this heartwarming Yaoi hit!


Sarah: I second this recommendation, wholeheartedly. Kitahala Lyee is a blessing to the BL mangaka community, and this huge bestseller has a full-volume sequel called “Gelateria Supernova: Royal Vanilla” which is also available in English on our site!

Kitahala Sensei recently retweeted this post I made when it first came out, and the publisher and label retweeted it to the full Japanese audience shortly thereafter. I have never felt so proud! 笑

Chase, can you explain to people exactly how beautiful this manga is?

Chase: I actually had the opportunity to edit this one and absolutely fell in love with it while working on it. It’s got such a depth of story with a nice mix of erotic and heart-warming fluffiness. I’d stock my digital and physical bookshelf with it and buy copies for all of my friends in a heartbeat if I could. Seriously, it’s that good. I was discussing this with one of our colleagues and she mentioned that it’s a little bit gloomy. It could be taken that way given that Naoki has had a series of failed relationships with both men and women due to his trouble sleeping with someone in the same bed as him. I guess you could call it that, but I think there are enough cute scenes that it balances out nicely. I can’t even begin to describe how happy I was when Naoki goes through his major growth and his relationship with Tomoaki deepens. No joke – you HAVE to read this one, otherwise we can’t be friends. Period. (LOL)

Thanks for joining us on this trip down Recommendation Memory Lane! Please comment and let us know if you’ve read any of these and how you liked them!