The Lion Man And The Geek Girl by Shishime
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This was the first manga that I read when I joined Renta! It’s surprisingly received a lot of attention outside of our website through other channels. The art is beautiful. It’s filled with so many cute pictures and contains a sort of sensuality that I’ve never seen in other manga. Of course, there’s quite a bit of humor in it as well.


Yuri Ueno (above) is a college student. She’s always been very shy around other humans. When she dropped her eraser in class and the guy sitting next to her picked it up and tried to hand it to her, she couldn’t even spit out the words “thank you”. She feels far more comfortable around animals. That’s why she’s studying to become a veterinarian. Her father runs a zoo where she helps out.


Leo (above) is a lion at her father’s zoo. Yuri stops by his cage every day to catch him up on her day.

On one particular day, she stops by Leo’s cage to clean it. She tells him all about the awful professor who approached her after class for some “private tutoring”. She’s clearly upset over what happened. Leo tries to comfort her by rolling on top of her and giving her “kisses”. She laughs and reaches up to pet him. Just then, a thought strikes her.


Yuri lies her head on Leo’s stomach after she cleans his cage, closes her eyes, and drifts off to sleep.

Suddenly, a voice calls out to Leo from across the room.

“Leo. Do you want to be a human being? Do you?”

Will Leo ever turn into a human? Head over to the item page above or click here to find out!