Hi everyone! I’m really excited about this week’s new releases in Yaoi/BL. See below for a preview, and check out our homepage for a full list of manga coming out this week.

New Full Volumes


Title: Negative
Artist: Harada

Description: This full volume contains the first half of a two-volume set. (The second volume “Positive” is scheduled for release in April!) Each volume contains stories about several different couples all set in the same universe… mostly.

“Negative” introduces 4 different stories:
1) A complicated love triangle between childhood friends
2) A massage therapist and a beautiful man with many secret piercings
3) Two guys pretending not to love each other when they clearly do, never managing to say so until one of them literally has brain damage.
4) A story told from the perspective of a beautiful girl who accidentally switches bodies with one of her male classmates.

Since the overarching theme for these stories is something “negative”, you can expect to finish this volume feeling thoroughly satisfied and yet simultaneously haunted for days. If you’ve never read a manga by Harada-Sensei before, this is a great place to start!

Threads of Love 2

Title: Threads of Love – Volume 2
Artist: Kyohei Azumi

Description: The sequel to the beautiful, sweet, and heart-throbbing first volume is here! Volume 2 introduces a new character with cute animal ears, this time in the form of a werewolf. After being rescued by a teacher, he grows really attached to his rescuer’s “delicious” smell, and spends much of the time in a childlike form that is super adorable.

Characters from the first volume make several appearances since this is set in the same town and school as before, and they help this adorable teacher overcome difficult circumstances and find a way to be with this cute (yet incredibly buff and handsome in his adult form) werewolf who crashed into his life unexpectedly.


Title: Red Panic!! – The Guy Who Needs To Get Off 8 Times A Day
Arist: Yoko Midoriyama

Description: An anthology of many hilarious, sweet, and sexy short stories that will crack you up and turn you on at the same time. This one had me crying. I loved the bonus stories at the end, and the entertaining comments by the artist were just like icing on the cake.

New Chapters of Ongoing Series

Ghostly Encounters of the Erotic Kind by Nakai
I Turned Into A Girl And Turned On All The Knights! by Yakan; Misaki Inori
Only Guys Can Come Inside by Chihaya Magase
Nipple Bingo by Asuka Ibuki
Kiss and Tell by Anna Takamura
Stained With Snow White’s Poison by Ship Hita
Sweetheart Trigger by Nyan-Nya
Starting Today I’m A Delinquent… ! by Gisho Akagi
Wrapped Around Your Little Finger by Ito Agata
Lovesick Odd Couple by Wai
Inside God’s Arms by Yonezou Nekota

Happy White Day from all of us at Renta!!