Crack Star by Tomo Kurahashi
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crack star

Tomo Kurahashi is an established and beloved BL mangaka with a very big fanbase, and it’s easy to see why. The art style is soft and pretty, and the story tends to grab you by the heart.

Tomo Sensei specializes in “childhood friend” scenarios that develop into something more as the story progresses. In this instance, Mio and Shino were very close friends in high school, but the first chapter opens up with them having not seen each other in several years. Mio calls Shino out of the blue and shows up at his door needing a place to stay, and they hit it off as if nothing had changed.

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However, what Shino doesn’t know is that Mio has harbored a crush on him for years. Mio may be a bad liar, but somehow he’s managed to keep it a secret all this time.

Despite not realizing that Mio had feelings for him, as Shino discovers a few secrets about Mio’s past and somewhat present relationships, his own feelings of friendship develop into something much more.

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Meanwhile, Mio’s pretty oblivious and thinks his own feelings are unrequited, when actually, I’m pretty sure Shino is more than willing to find a way to work things out. Super willing, in fact.

One of the most intense scenes of the entire manga was referenced in the cover, which looks innocent enough at first glance, but actually depicts both guys in separate bathroom stalls. Mio didn’t know Shino was on the other side, and had someone else in there with him, never realizing that the best friend he’s loved for years was… well… listening. Among other things. (This blog is super PG… so use your imagination.)

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If you’ve never read a manga by Tomo Kurahashi, they all come HIGHLY recommended.

Crack Star is our newest Tomo Sensei release, but we also have “Let’s Be a Family!”, “Sick”, and “I Wanna Do What Lovers Do”, which are all incredibly popular one volume series by the same mangaka.

Actually…! There is a prequel currently releasing about one chapter per month in Japanese right now that tells the story of how the two characters in an already-established relationship in “Let’s Be a Family!” got together. I really hope we can get that licensed in English when it’s complete, too!

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