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I’ll Make You Eat Those Words – Sonic Adventure 2 and the Translation Check

I’m sure some people might be wondering what exactly we do here at Renta!, so I thought I’d like to talk a bit about what it’s like to work here. As it turns out, it’s a bit more complicated than sitting around reading manga every day. Although, as you might be able to imagine, the conversations around the office do tend to be a bit geekier than most… So what exactly is the process before the manga is released in English and everyone is happy reading their perfectly translated content? Well, as it turns out, it’s not as simple as running the original Japanese through the magic translation machine and…

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Review: The Guy I’m into Is a You-Know-What!

This week I want to talk about Nanae Chioka-sensei’s work, “The Guy I’m into Is a You-Know-What!” (Japanese title: その推しは××につき! Sono Oshi wa XX ni Tsuki). The art is super clean and Chioka-sensei is really good at drawing both harmless (and kinda scary) girls and very manly (and sometimes very scared) men like our protagonists, Sakiko and Masayuki.

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Kris’s Korner: Bands and Boys

It might just be me, but I feel like recently BL series are getting anime adaptations more than they used to. Not just BL series in fact, but bishounen series in general have been getting more love, with a lot of reverse harems and male idol shows popping up as well (*´Д`)θ~♪~

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